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Nice straight road before the mountains

The map showing a small section of curves

Can't see around the corner

Majestic mountain

A look into the valley



Gentle curve, no problem


Warning of curves ahead


Earth layers

Blind curve


Another blind curve

and another

Distant mountains still have a little snow


One mile dirt road to campground

With curves

Some of the mountains that surround us

Flag is up

Dragon is settled in

Glad we have our own bathroom and shower!

Quiet setting

The small pool

A relaxing hot pool

View from the pool

Fossils and more

Clear warm water

Words to live by

View of valley


Horse scupltures

Crevace in the mountain

Opening where our dish is able to aim through and pic up...

The trip here was an adventure all by itself. We got an early start and I took the first two hour shift, thank goodness. When Dick got on route 78 which would take us out of Arizona and into New Mexico an ominous sign suggested that the road was not recommended for vehicles over 40 foot. We had never seen a sign like that and didn't know what we were in for. The Dragon is 40 feet 10 inches but with our car attached the total length is 59 feet. Dick headed down the road. The hairpin turns were bad enough but my fear of heights kicked in as we wove our way over and through the mountains. Dick joked that he had wanted to take the Dragon on the "Tail of the Dragon" route between Tennessee and North Carolina which we did in just the car. He got his wish and more on this road!

Once my heart slowed back down and we got settled into our new campground I realized it was a special place. Sundial Springs Campground near Glenwood, NM is one of a kind. Only 8 campsites with full hookups. We were one of 3 that were occupied and we were told the largest rig to visit. Surrounded on 3 sides by mountains and the San Francisco River flows through at the bottom of the canyon. Shelley, the owner is very friendly and laid back. She used to be a pilot out of Denver for the phone company. Now she continuously works on her campground doing everything from plumbing, electric, building a guest cottage (which has been in the works for 3 years) and making her guests feel welcome. There are hot springs underground and she has built pools out of local stone and an elaborate pumping system to draw the water up from the hot springs to fill the pools. We spent an hour soaking in one and it was truly relaxing and wonderful.

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