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The all nighter. Carol(John's wife),John,Allison,Chris(John's nephew)

Time to go to bed, check the clock

Party foul

John's favorite bar

Electric is much easier than gas.

The back patio

Who left that damn camera case on the table

Firewood is better than propane

Dinner in the courtyard.

Kids, don't drink sake from coffee cups

Sacy France was a blast. I stayed with John & Carol at their bed & breakfast. We had a ton of wine and cheese and late night bonfires. John's nephew Chris & his girlfriend Allison stayed with us and they added to the fun. Sacy is a small village 2 hours from Paris. It is small, good luck finding it on a map. It is a quaint village made up of old tan stone buildings and looks like not much has changed over the last two hundred years. The people are friendly and it is really laid back.

When you have stayed there for a few days you become so chilled out and time seems to slow down, it helps that it does not get dark until about 10pm. There is no hustle and bustle and when travel around you go through lush green french landscape, the real world never seems to break through.

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