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Making pots from old rubber tyres, just up from where I stayed....

....next up its the paint job....

....then they have to sell them.

The Jembatan Merah, a bridge which was the site of a lot...

Inside the House of Sampoerna, minus the all permeating smell of tobacco.

The two passengers were'nt happy that their becak had an unexpected puncture.

Some of the older boats at Kalimas Harbour....

This was taken close to the Arab quarter.

This is a peek inside the small but atmostpheric Kong Co Kong...

Madness outside a market in Chinatown.

Strange one this, an ex-Russian submarine that was commissioned into the Indonesian...

A four hour train journey through the lush green paddyfields of Java brings me to the port of Surabaya where the country's bid for independance began. The city is very spread out without an obvious centre and its the same story with accomodation, I did eventually end up at the Hotel Bali thanks to some help from some Surabayans I met just outside the train station. Now I celebrated my third year of being on the road whilst here, still lovin' it but the time flies by way too quickly, its just a shame there's very little in the way of nightlife to celebrate, and I'm the only English speaking guest in the hotel to boot.

On my first full day here was a long day of walking, first up it was a walk up to the Jembatan Merah bridge which was the centre of fighting in the city during the war for independance - not much too look at to be honest so I then went to the House of Sampoerna which is the base of one of the countrys best known cigarette manufacturers. Entry was free, a pleasant change, and museum contained examples of old equipment and packaging as well as illustrious former owners from its past. There was no getting away however from the powerfull and all permeating smell of tobacco. Later I unintentionally took the long route to Kalimas Harbour to have a look at the more traditional wooden boats unload there wares (there wasnt much unloading being done on a Saturday), then headed over to Chinatown and the Arab quarter they call the Qubah. Both areas where a rabbit warren of narrow winding streets which in the case of the Qubah all met at the mosque, and for Chinatown met at a long and very stinky market. A wander around these two areas was definately the highlight of the day before resting my feet at the hotel - 15k's covered on foot today! The next day I took it easier and walked down to a little curiosity, the Monumem Kapal Selam, which is on old navy submarine that was originally built by the Russians - I ended up joining in with a kareoke (don't ask) that was going on next to the submarine, then restored my senses and went for a wander around town.

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