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Boat to Don Det

...on my biketour to the waterfall (back)

View from the Guesthouse

View out of my window ;-)

i was already feeling a bit weird on the 3h busride and the boattrip to don det...and definitely not good enough to stay in one of these oven-bungalows made out of wood and bamboo with no electricity or bathroom. nearly collapsing on my way to find a proper bungalow...there was only one place on this island with bungalows that actually had aircondition...and thank god not that more expensive!!! spend the first 2 days of don det between toilet and bed throwing up pineapple :-( ( won't be eating that for a while!)

after finding back to almost my good self again and again spending too much money on accomodation i decided instead of making one of the expensive daytrips to the neighbour-island to just hire a bike and find the way to the waterfall myself :-) there was only one way anyway, so how hard could it be??? because it had rained the night before the way was actually more puddles than way and i kept thinking of jd in scrubs :-D ( hoping me and my bike would hopefully not disappear in one of them. it was fine and easy to find...but riding a bike at lunchtime always leaves u with...tada sunburn!!!

apart from this i just enjoyed the quiet time on the veranda with my book...coming back to vientiane and vang viene will hopefully bring some more party in my life...once the my stomach feels normal again ;-)

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