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with a very comfy vip sleeperbus i arrived in pakse this morning and was going to spend some time ringing people over skype...but again shit quality wherever you go :-(

as there is not much to do in pakse itself, i took a daytrip to the bolaven plateau...which is an area outside of pakse with lots of coffee and tea plantations, ethnic villages and waterfalls in the forests. met a nice chinese couple on the trip, but unfortunately they are heading to cambodia...same for the irish girl i met on the sleeperbus :-( u actually do meet a lot of people, just not for a very long time...have to find somebody traveling up north!!!

instead of doing this daytrip u can actually hire a motorbike and make this trip yourself and stay some more time in tadlo (nice village with a waterfall), but as i don't really know how to drive a motorbike and would not do it on my own anyway...that was not an option!

next morning...down to fourthousand islands...well one of them ;-)

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