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We were up early to pick up Lauren and bring her home with us.

We had already made a stop at McDonalds and were back at the RV by a few minutes after 7:00 AM.

Today was a work day for me so Marilyn took care of the baby-sitting.

I went in to be ready for several large tour groups starting at 10:00.

I led three tours back to back. They were all large groups but the second group had seven regular customers plus about 40 school kids, including teachers and parents.

That could have easily been a disaster but they were an amazing group and we had no problems at all.

I then sat down for half an hour to eat some lunch. Actually I forgot to take a lunch and had no time to walk or drive back home, so I ate a sack of popcorn with a bottle of sweet tea. Linda brought in some amazing pie and I ate a small piece of that. It was really good.

Marilyn had little time today but she took advantage of the little free time she had to make some home-made chicken noodle soup.

I ate a small dish of that when I got back home around 6:00 PM. It tasted good, too, but Marilyn wanted to take a container of it to Jennifer, knowing how Jennifer likes that soup.

We met Jennifer to give her daughter back. She sure is cute!

Back in the RV, both of us wanted to just chill out.

A bowl of vanilla bean ice cream with some chocolate sauce made the evening so much better. LOL

It sure will be nice to get back on the road again, so that I’ll have more interesting things to write about.

As for now, we have some severe storms in the area tonight, so sleep may be sparse. We’ll see!

In any case we know for sure that Life is Good!

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