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harvesting rucola

La Morella Farmhouse

Making friends with Leah the farm dog

I am sitting in the warm spring sunshine listening to a symphony of birdsong and the distant rumble of tractors working the field. The humming of bees and the croaking of pond frogs provide the percussion and the aroma of citrus trees fills the air. All is finally right with the world! Today is a day of doing pretty much nothing. We've taken a wander through some of the property, watched the farmhands picking strawberries and saw an interesting contraption that harvests the rocket (rucola). Took a drive to the local supermarket, missed the turn, got lost and ended up miles from where we intended, but luckily Andrew has mastered the roads now and we have chalked it up to expeditionary experience. After seeing the towns and villages here, it seems that Rome is symptomatic of a more general Italian disposition. Most of what we see from the roadside you could consider slums. By comparison, Australian suburbans even those in high density areas are quite house-proud. We wonder if there are any building codes or council inspections, any planning department at all?

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