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Overlooking the edge where the cabins back up to

From the deck of the Lodge

View from the entrance of the Lodge

This is the wonderful view we were waiting for.

The Man who the Lodge was named after

What an unusual Water Tower!!

A view of the valley we had been driving through!! Just beautiful,

The grave site of Petit Jean.

View of the Arkansas River.

Closer to the edge,

This leg of the trip was much shorter and only a couple of large inclines to drive. The scenery is so beautiful here. With the green mountains and then the lush valleys with yellow flowers blanketing the fields. A ton of cattle and a few horses! Just beautiful. We stayed at a small park with a lake. It was quiet and nice. We rested for awhile and then decided to drive around to see what we could see. I had noticed when we came in that we were not too far from Petit Jean State Park. We had gone there years ago when we were still in Dallas. It was so beautiful!! Russ couldn't remember it very well. We ended up going there since it wasn't too far. The RV camp grounds were beautiful, but the steep climb to the park was one Russ wasn't ready to venture with the RV just quite yet!! We first stopped at Cedar Falls. There was a walkway but it was too long and too steep for Russ to climb, so he told me to go ahead and take my time. He is soo sweet!! It was a beautiful view, but I was glad Russ didn't come because I knew the view at the Mather Lodge was spectacular. I took some pics. (I'll download my pics once I get another thing to put my memory chip in to download on my computer.) So we drove to the lodge and on the way looked at all the cabins, they were beautiful!! Old CCC camp cabins made out of stone and wood. They were all right near the edge of the cliff!! Spectacular views!! When we walked through the entrance of the lodge there was the view I remembered!! I view of the valley with two mountains on each side!!! We walked around for a minute and then sat down on a bench to absorb the view. Russ then said that he might not be able to see all the sights, but "Look what God made for him to view" How beautiful is that!! It is true, we think by going off in different directions we will see wonderful things, but if we wait on God and view what He makes available to us, IT IS SPECTACULAR!! Dear Lord, please help me to be patient and wait for your guidance, that I may walk and do only what is in Your Will!! If we all did this, what a life we would all have!! We then went to another overview and saw the beautiful fields of yellow we had been driving by all day!!! We also saw the grave site of Petit Jean. I've taken a pic of the sign explaining who she was, but in short: She was a fiance of one of the explorers and he left for here and she didn't want to say behind. So she dressed like a boy and got a job on the ship. When they went ashore and eventually stayed with the local Native Americans here, she hunted and lived with them all in disguise. Finally they were going back to the ship and she became really ill. It was then that her true identity was revealed. She knew she was dying and asked to be given back to the Natives so she could be buried overlooking the country she had grown to love. We drove back to the RV park and Praised God for the beautiful day we had and quite unexpectedly.

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