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Candidasa was not a planned stop but after 36 hours on Indonesian buses and boats I needed a decent meal and a bed and the guide book talked favourably about the place. I found somewhere offering accommodation by the sea. I was shown a room, which was indeed just metres from the sea. As I walked in there was a huge cockroach on the bed. The lady showing me the room chased this cockroach, smacking it with a towel until eventually she killed it and then as if nothing had happened she casually asked if I wanted the room. I obviously said yes, i've stayed in much worse and I had no energy to look elsewhere. Plus I had just spent 20 minutes on the back of a motorbike wearing no helmet with a driver who loved overtaking on blind corners so I needed to lie down and reflect on still being alive! After a night of much needed sleep I woke up to the sound of waves gently breaking on the sand, which is a good sound to wake up to. I had a banana pancake delivered to my room for breakfast and then left for my original destination.

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