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It feels so good to be back to normal. Of course my “normal” isn’t what it used to be. LOL

Come to think of it, that IS normal at our age isn’t it!

Marilyn & I shared our morning coffee as before and then we drove to watch Colby at his “Play-time”.

We then brought the kids back home with us. Colby and I went directly to the playground. He took his new mower, even though the bubble machine part was not working so well.

Marilyn mixed up more bubble solution for the machine, but her formula left something to be desired. The bubbles were few and far between.

Jennifer and the grandkids went home after lunch so Marilyn & I had part of the afternoon to ourselves.

The sky clouded up and it looked as if it could rain any minute.

We primarily just spent the rest of our afternoon relaxing. We played some computer games and read a bit. I thought about taking a nap but decided against it.

We looked forward to having dinner with good friends, in the evening.

No matter the joy of being with grandkids, we still have a need to be with grown ups once in a while.

Life is Good!

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