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These two were seriously good.

Some very faded glory at the Kraton in Solo.

Inside one of the renovated halls in the Kraton.

Hard at work.

The best part of the sultans home thats available for viewing.

This is the Wednesday music performan at the Istana, which sounded like...

Detail on a carved elephant tusk at the Istana, 25 years in...

Best dressed KFC staff ever????

And onto Solo, Yogjakarta's quieter neighbour only an hour or so away. Its off season so that means that there's plenty of rooms available and I end up at Mama's Homestay, the only guest there. The family's pleasant enough apart from the man who only talks to me when he wants to sell me something - obviously doesn't know how tight I am.

It was hard work finding a motorbike to rent which flies in the face of what the LP has to say on the matter, but I got my hands on an old underpowered one in the end, its has wheels and engine so it will do. First up was a trip to the rather sorry looking Kraton which was the victim of a fire in the mid 1980's, the sultan had spent his money on doing up only part of his pad, the part where he lives not surprisingly. The rest of the Kraton was in a sorry state, a bit of shame that only the minimum amount of refurbishment had been made. Next up I visited the Istana, palace of the 9th prince lucky enough to call this place home, where there is a compulsory guided tour, in my case given by a schoolgirl whose name I couldn't understand. With the morning over with I then headed off for a drive into the hills to see an old fertility temple before the heavens opened and I arrived back at Mama's soaked to the skin.

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