Larry & Cheryl's 2006 Travels travel blog

Tidal Creek in Tampa Bay

Explaining Mangrove Environments

This Ibis was watching me carefully and then flew away

Hiking trail in Lake Manatee State Park

View along our hike

Oaks and Palmettos line our trail

We met this fellow hiker on the trail

It is hot and very humid on this trail

Our hike was filled with Spanish Moss and a sandy trail

Lake Manatee St. Park pine grove provided shade

Houses along Tampa Bay

We arrived the other day at Brandon Elks Lodge near Tampa to join with a few of our PA friends who had driven down to Tampa to "winterize" their motorhomes in the sun. We enjoyed seeing them again and spending time. We enjoyed dinners at the Elks Lodge and the nearby Moose Lodge where one of our group took over when the entertainer wanted to take a break. George Ord took the guys guitar and picked a little song out for us.

We checked with the local Elks members to find out what we should see in the area. They suggested Apollo Beach where we should see some Manatees - didn't see Manatees, but learned about Mangroves and saw lots of sea birds. They also suggested a visit to Lake Manatee State Park for a hike. It has a sandy path lined with Oaks & Palmettos, and was very humid. The only wildlife we saw was a slow moving tortoise on the trail.

We also went for a Spaghetti Dinner at the Eagles Club. We've had nice temperature most days & evenings but there is rain coming. We are also waiting for a RV service tech to work on our ailing regrigerator, groan!

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