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I was awake a bit after 3:00 this morning. I just never did get back to sleep and finally got out of bed and came downstairs.

Marilyn was up a bit after 5:00 and put coffee on.

We have Lauren today and she is so sweet!

We took her out to the hospital in the early afternoon, stopping along the way to pick up a “Subway” sandwich for Jennifer.

We were able to sit with Jennifer as she ate her lunch and played with Lauren.

As we often do when we go anywhere, we saw several people we knew. One was a lady we have known since she was a junior in High School. She now has grown children of her own, including one daughter Married, and two sons in College.

It was so nice to see Beth! She is a joy to visit with. She thought Lauren was so cute!

Back at the RV we spent most of the remainder of the day being entertained by our granddaughter.

I have a few pictures to post for you tonight.

I wish I had some profound journal to write today but it has been one of those days when we are dedicated to doing family stuff.

We still have lots of family to see while we are in this part of the country. We look forward to seeing an Aunt & Uncle and lots of Cousins. Perhaps we can combine a trip to eat Catfish with seeing most of the family. In days past we used to get together once in a while at the Catfish Place and have a huge dinner together as a group. We always had a good time as they are wonderful people.

Tomorrow night we will be having dinner and a margarita with friends. Friday is a scheduled day to give tours in the cave from 10 to 6, and then on Saturday I am expecting to train some of the new guides in Cameron Cave. There is a tour of Cameron scheduled at 1:00 PM on that day, so maybe we can combine the two events, training and giving a tour.

Marilyn & I are going to see the Doctor while we are here, to get our blood-work and routine checkups done. That needs to be scheduled also.

We are going to have dinner at the Garth Mansion early in May and then once again, this time with Steve & Jennifer joining us, on the night before we leave for Colorado.

So it is no secret that we are very busy while we are back here in Missouri. That is ok because we can relax once we are all set up in Colorado.

So that’s it for today, dear readers. All of you who are out there on the road, be sure to travel safe! We’ll keep up with you by reading the blogs as you go along. Happy Trails, and remember………..

Life is Good!

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