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Ferry boat


The kitchen

River view

A local

Local kids


Tuesday April 20th – we walked into Dalyan and took the ferry across the river. This needs a little explanation as per the picture. The ferry is actually a 10 foot row boat manned either by an old woman or man who row you across the river for a nominal sum! Once across the river we had lunch at a small restaurant where the pancakes were made from scratch and filled with cheese and local herbs. All of this cooked on a hot stone. We then decided to walk up past the rock tombs to an old castle. On the way we met a man who had lived in his house for the past 50 years. We got chatting and he invited us in to inspect his vegetable and flower garden. After a while we continued up the road towards the castle. Unfortunately, we decided that Gill’s hip would not make it, so we turned around and stopped on the way back to chat with our new friend before getting the ferry back into Dalyan.

On arrival in Dalyan we saw that the main square was filled with people, kids and musicians. So we stopped and enjoyed the local festival for about 2 hours before going back to our villa.

One of the trivial bits of information we have found out is that the movie, “The African Queen” was filmed on the river here!

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