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From the Gili Islands I went on a 4 day boat trip east to see some of the many islands that make up the archipelago of Indonesia. There were 15 of us on a boat that probably should have been retired from the waters long ago so the conditions weren't great. The toilet was a hole in the back of the boat, there were no wash facilities and the mattresses were paper thin and there was just enough floor space for them all so it was very cosy. But apart from this it was actually a really good experience. We stopped regularly to snorkel in the crystal clear waters. The coral was awesome and I saw some cool fish, like the crazy looking lion fish and the huge bump heads. We stopped at some totally isolated and absolutely stunning beaches. The most impressive was red sand beach, so called because of the red specks of coral in the otherwise perfect white sand. We stopped at a small unpopulated island that randomly had a fresh water spring and waterfall on it, which I really appreciated having not had a wash in unsalted water for over a week. We also stopped on Komodo Island and the nearby Rinca Island which are both home to 1000+ komodo dragons. There's not many places in the world where you can see komodo dragons so this was a real highlight. The dragons are totally wild and feed on the wild pigs, dear and buffalo's that also inhabit the island. They also occasionally turn their attentions to humans when the opportunity arises. The last human casualties were 2 local boys who were killed and eaten just 2 years ago. We saw a buffalo that had been attacked by a dragon. It had a broken leg and was slowly and painfully dying from the poison from the dragons bite. The dragons were just hanging around waiting for it to eventually die, which we were told would take about a week. It's a cruel world! We saw loads of komodo's and I even got close enough to touch one of them. The trip finished on the island of Flores and I had to embark on a 36 hour journey of dodgy old buses and ferries to continue my trip around Bali.

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