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18th April

Woke up whilst going through the first of the three gorges. Went out in pajamas and some people had climbed a ladder to the very roof of the boat for best views so we joined. Got harrassed by cameras pointed at us, thought we were quite good at avoiding it until one guy actually came over to show me the photos he had scammed of me! Zoomed in right on my face paparazzi style. He seemed realy chuffed with himself but it made me feel sick and I tried I make him realise that.

Teansferrd to a smaller boat to begin our 5hr cruise through the little three gorges. The pathway was so narrow and the sides so steep with lush vegetaion the geography geek inside of me had a field day. We even saw a monkey which was cool.

Chineese people are mental. Official verdict. We were told we wernt allowed to stand at a certain area for safety reasons so the passengers concluded that the nest thing to do was too all push there and there would be power in their vast numbers meaning they couldn't all be moved. It worked. As soon as one made the move people were clambering out of windows to take a short cut to get there. And the old women are the worst. everyone so desperate to be the first person off the bus boat etc even though it means they will just have to wait longer at the other end. The crushing is worse than at the headline act on a main stage and you find yourself elbowing old women in order to stand your ground when you get caught up in it. We have just decided to be the last people to do anything (proud dad) so we don't have to squish but this is annoying our woman even more. Bet she hates the English.

Right at the end we got on a tiny motorised boat for a quick whip round some even narrower parts. At this point it was raining and freezing but just watching the chineese is a hobby in it's self to keep you preoccupied. The weather got worse so it was a long ride back on the indoor section especially as we had to listen to the mandarin commentary, for some reason she also performed two songs inbeteen, but she did not stop making noise at any point.

The evening was te same story, pot noodle, book then beers and cards. We've revived the game bumboy (Emma get your practice in) and actually had a good laugh. Attempted to make it into a drinking game but drink was limited so we bought some unknown substance from the boat shop for £2 and it turned into messy night. A table got broken, hope our woman doesn't see it before we escape tomorrow.


19th April 

Got up and packed quickly. Our guy from our room left us a bag of what

Look like apples but taste like pears as a parting gift which was sweet. 

Said goodbye to the boys and went to see the three gorges damn which was actually quite dissapointing as it was expensive and there wasn't much to see or do. Also we were on a tour and being the only English we couldn't benifit from the commentey, so didn't learn anything. Sill amazing structure but I was left a little underwhelmed which I didn't expect. Had a blueberry and White chochole icecream though and that was good.

Also realised that I think I've lost my penknife Which was my dads. Had a little tear but hid it well behind my sunglasses. Was actually quite upset by it, but again, the ice cream helped.

There was then a long bus journey to Wuhan where we will have one day before our flight. It dropped us at the side of a motorway, no padestrian pavement whatso ever but luckily it was easy to flag down a taxi and wr had the hostels card. 

Toms leaving tomorrow morning which were not looking forward to. He's very useful as is a rugby player so towers over anyone who tries to short change us but then knows more about celeb gossip than the coffee table at work. Will be wierd going back to just a two as we all got used to eachother very quickly and feel like a little family. We've been doing well so far though (touch wood) with all our bus transfers and have learnt quite a few useful phrases so will be ok. Tried them out buying dinner. More amazingly cheap and tasty street food followed by a long awaited shower and a bed which ist top bunk. Score.


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