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Today we had Colby for the day, so we were awake early.

I managed to down a cup and a half of the coffee before it just tasted too bitter to me.

We drove out to the hospital to meet Jen and Colby.

We visited with Jen for a few minutes and teased Colby, who laughed and called his Mimi a “Pistol”.

When we left the hospital, Colby asked to go see the airplanes, so we drove out to the airport where he looked at a couple of planes sitting outdoors.

Next we went through the “drive-through” at McD’s and picked up some breakfast burritos and a sausage, cheese and egg McGriddle for Colby and Marilyn to share.

Back at the RV, Colby was hungry and ate all of his breakfast plus one little French Toast strip, with some milk.

Once breakfast was over we played inside until it was warm enough to go outdoors. Colby was having a good time.

He used to love it when I shaved because I would “shave” him too, with the head cover in place of course.

He especially likes the after shave cream lotion that I use and he makes sure to get some on his face too.

This morning I shaved with a razor, shaving cream, etc, and Colby seemed fascinated, so I gave him the same treatment, except that he had the cover over the blade, etc.

He enjoyed the warm water, shaving cream, and then scraping the cream off, and the after shave lotion, of course! His Mimi made over him big time and told him he smelled Soooo Good!

Outside he asked for his bike which was in the back of the car.

We brought the bike out and he enjoyed it for a short while, before getting bored.

Next we were off to the playground, where he ran and ran and ran some more, until Marilyn & I were both exhausted. I looked at my watch and grinned at Marilyn telling her that we only had to do this for another 10 hours or so. LOL

I don’t know what has happened to that high energy level we used to have but I sure have noticed the lack of it when we keep the grandkids for a day.

We were outside for the entire morning and did lots of interesting things. Colby found lots of neat little rocks that he saved to give to his Mommy, and we started a campfire. I allowed Colby to poke at it with a stick but gave him lots of “Caution” warnings. I didn’t want to scare him but I do want him to have a healthy respect for a campfire. I also want to teach him about the fire safety associated with a campfire, so we are starting early. He is very smart!

Inside, Marilyn fixed him a grilled cheese sandwich with fruit and milk, but he fell asleep before he finished his lunch.

He had the rest of it for a snack later.

After Colby awoke from his nap, we made a promised trip to Walmart where Colby rode in the Cart and was allowed to pick out one toy. He selected a set of five matchbox cars for 4.95 which was ok, but Mimi picked out a push lawn-mower which made bubbles. The result was that Colby went back to the car with both items. No problem!

We ask him if he wanted to go back to the RV or go see the airplanes at the airport. He opted to see the airplanes.

At the airport he held on to my hand and we walked out on the flight line to see the planes. Colby watched a small two-place aircraft take off and seemed totally fascinated by that.

He then pointed to a twin engine aircraft and asked “What’s that Papa?”

When I replied that it was a Twin Beech, that became his favorite airplane and he said Twin Beech quite clearly, numerous times.

Another funny thing he did, happened on the way home. We passed an old gentleman sitting on a bench. The guy had a long white beard. Marilyn & I stayed quiet but from the back seat we heard “Ho-Ho-Ho!”

Marilyn & I cracked up!

Well, he did look like a real Santa Claus.

Back at the RV, Colby and I assembled the new mower and he pushed it around until the entire bottle of bubble solution was used up. If the bubbles had not burst, our yard would have been filled with shiny bubbles.

After Colby’s bath, he was hungry and ate a good dinner.

Before we knew it, it was time to take him to meet his Mommy.

Sometimes, life’s great pleasures come in small packages.

It sure has been a pleasure to have Colby today.

Life is Good!

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