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Its hard to believe we have been her for 10 days already.

Anne, Dolores & Jack have been out with Juve, diving off the boat once already. Norma and Rose went along and spent the day snorkeling and soaking up the sun. I stayed around camp and washed a coat of dust etc off Roo. The underbody storage compartments were so dusty that everytime you went into one you had to wash your hands. So now Roo is somewhat shiny again, but for how long, who knows.

Its been quite a lazy 10 days as I look back. Anne & Dolores have done some dog walking and I have even started reading a book. Which, for those of you who know me, is only done when I am truly on vacation. We have spent quite a lot of time lounging in the water in the pool. The water is as warm as bath water, and has a large palapa which shades half the pool from the afternoon sun, so it is quite nice to just float around and drink beer.

We went into town this morning as Dolores and Anne wanted to mail some cards home. We have not located the post office in town yet though. We asked one of the locals for directions and all he could do was laugh at us asking ‘you want to mail something out of here, and expect it to get there ?’ he went on to explain that houses in Loreto aren’t even numbered and none of the houses have mailboxes. The mailman, who rides around town on a motorbike, just throws the mail in the general direction of the front door of the person he thinks the letter is for. Thank goodness for email.

Needless to say the gals are determined to check out the postal service and we will be out on the hunt for the post office again in a day or two.

It won’t be today as the gang has gone diving from shore for the afternoon.

We have been joined by Jack & Roses friends Trish & Wayne and John & Lisa. They flew down arriving on Thursday of last week and are staying for 14-15 days. They have rented one of the cabana’s here. John and Lisa are divers and have gone with the gang on the shore dive today.

We visited a center that feeds needy children the other day. As you can recall from our last trip we cooked up a spaghetti dinner for some 15-20 kids on the beach on our way home.

Well…..on May 7th we are providing and cooking up hamburgers and fries for over 100 kids from Loreto….what do we get ourselves in for….more to follow on that adventure….that is one adventure I am looking forward to.

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