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As agreed we were all up and ready to go by 7am this morning, only problem was it was still dark due to the time change.

Both Jack & I agreed that its bad enough dodging potholes, oncoming trucks and wildlife in the daylight so there will be no dark driving done. We drank another coffee or 2 and by 730am we agreed it was light enough to set off. We hadn’t driven 5 minutes when we came across a dead cow, victim of a night driver. These cows (and other wildlife) come onto the wam asphalt at night and lie down to sleep. They make quite the speed bump.

The drive from Guerrero Negro south is quite boring for the first few hours. It’s a straight road through the desert. Dolores went back to bed, and Anne is completing one of her work courses so she had her head in her books. Thank goodness I equipped Roo with a Sirius Satelite radio before we left. It has had a great signal all the way down, and we have never been short of radio, tunes, news etc……So I settled into the drive with the country&western music on…..

We arrived in Loreto and set up home for a month at Loreto Shores RV park. This is the same location we stayed at in 2008. It is a great park and we are the only motorhomes here at present. There are some homes here also. We are about 25 yards away from the pool, and roughly double that distance to the ocean.

We are checked in here until May 9th at which point we will start our trip North. We have planned on staying at Bahia Conception and Bahia LosAngeles on our return trip. Updates wont be daily from here on, but I will update every now and then to let you know how and what we are up to.

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