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breakfast in the garden

Jim walking with his pack

view from our balcony with the acropolis in the background

The acropolis at night

Rhodes was a bit hazy today. There is a chance of rain today and tomorrow. We left at the right time. Ikuo, our host while in Rhodes, served us our breakfast at our favorite table. Shortly the 2 French guys came out and we had a wonderful conversation with them. After farewells to our new friends, we loaded up and headed down the hill. We took a minute to take a picture of Kostas at his restaurant. He was very pleased.

Our journey from Rhodes to Athens went very smoothly. We arrived at the bus stop just as the bus for the airport pulled up, which got us to the Rhodes airport an hour and a half early. This is not your major hub airport! We were putting our packs back on and a lady came up to us to see if we were going into old town because she and her husband had a car and would be happy to drive us. We continue to be amazed at the people that have gone out of their way to help us.

There was plenty of time to have our lunch of bread and cheese. We have not tired of this meal even though we have had it almost every day. In fact, we bought some cheese this evening to have tomorrow.

Getting from the Athens airport to our hotel was very easy using the metro (above ground rail). Our hotel is just a few blocks from the metro stop. We are on the outskirts of the Monastraki (outdoor shopping area) so we walked past several vegetable stands along the way and bought bananas to go with our cheese.

This hotel is quite a contrast from our place in Rhodes. Our place in Rhodes was built in the 15th century and this place was renovated last year and looks at least 21st century! Every thing here is ultra sleek and contemporary. I love it. Our bathroom is 3 times the size of any of the others we've encountered in our travels. We even have 2 sinks.

Our last dinner in Greece consisted of pork kabobs with grilled onions and pita bread and Greek salad that we decided to eat on our balcony overlooking Athens. We are on the 8th (top) floor so our view is amazing.

After dinner we went up to the rooftop terrace where we had a 360 view of Athens, including the Acropolis and Apollo's temple. We went out again and the view after dark is breathtaking. It is like having an exquisite dessert after an elegant meal. The acropolis and Apollo's temple glow in the soft light that is cast on them.

This evening has been the perfect way to end this very special journey. Tomorrow it's home to friends and family.

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