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Shaun steering the dogs


dogsledding with Paige and her puppies



First grass I've seen in 4 months...outside Winnipeg airport!

Back home with Dad, Victoria, before we fly to England

The hofmanns! Great connecting with good friends before we leave Canada...

Time is just flying...

It's with mixed feelings that we prepare to leave the North for warmer destinations...

We have had a great final month here.

The days are now long and the weather less fierce now. We've had a few days where we haven't needed our parkas and have enjoyed the sunshine and bright skies in jeans and hoodies.

We've been dog-sledding with Paige (the mayor's wife) who is training her pups for the dogsledding races coming up. It was such a great experience to help her feed and harness the pups, and then to watch them "learn" as they pulled the sled behind. The lead dog "Matt" was very experienced and kept all the pups in line! Matt could even hear Paige's voice and follow her commands when she was talking quietly to us in the was amazing.

One of the photos above is of Shaun and I out for a was a beautiful evening, and we walked way out onto an island that overlooked a huge span of the Hudsons Bay. We could see for miles and miles in so many directions, and both returned home that night feeling such peace and we'd just been looking out over the edge of the world.

We leave in 3 days, and feeling sad about leaving the friends we've made here, and the sense of community we've found in Rankin. The people we work with are also such incredible people.

BUT I must admit I can hardly wait to hug a tree...and smell moss and rain...and feel the softness of grass and see flowers again. And order a latte and gingerbread cookie from my favourite coffeeshop in Squamish ;) And of course to re-connect with my friends and family.

Shaun is excited about drinking beer and windsurfing.


On that note, it's time to sign off and start packing. The next stop is Squamish, Victoria and then beyond...

Much love,

Liz and Shaun

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