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We were on the road bright and early this morning with quite a long drive ahead of us to Guerrero Negro.

Once again this is just a travel day with not much to report.

The scenery changes on this section of journey as we head inland into the desert.

We arrived in Guerrero Negro and set up camp at Mario’s which is a tour company, restaurant, and campsite. Mario’s is just south of the military base and agricultural spray when you enter town.

The agricultural spray charges 20 pesos and you drive over a spray which wets the underside of your vehicle. Im convinced that this stuff has nothing to do with agriculture and is just glue. Roo has never been so dirty and dusty. Im sure the stuff they spray just makes the dust adhere more.

We arrived early enough to enjoy some down time and ate dinner at Mario’s. We met some folks from Canada in the campsite. They have been down here all winter and are heading back north, however, when we told them of the snow we had encountered they have decided to only go as far as Arizona for a few days before heading back to the Okanagan.

We had a great feast at Mario’s and once again another early start is planned.

Note-we change time and our clocks go forward one hour.

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