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Awaking in the morning we saw some strange thing coming from the blinds in our room. Strangely enough it was sunshine and with a closer inspection out the window a beautiful and clear blue sky was staring back down at us. With sunshine outside and a hearty breakfast under our belts we decided to head to Spisske Podhradie in search of Spis castle. Heading to the bus stop we soon discovered we couldn’t speak a word of Slovak with the bus timetables being a riddled mess. Lucky Amanda has seen the Di Vinci code enough times to work it all out and send us on the right path. Our dodgy bus driver caused a little delay with him slightly over charging us and not excepting change. Luckily a local women came to our/the bus drivers rescue and saved him from Amanda’s wrath.

Once we arrived at our destination we looked in awe upon the castle on the hill. It really was an amazing sight to behold and one we were itching to get a closer look at. After winding our way through the town we headed up the hill to explore the castle. For the first time in 7mths we actually felt warm thanks to the sun beating down on us. With the guide book telling us the castle was closed this time of year we were slightly disappointed on our way up the hill but that soon disappeared as we found the gate at the entrance wide open. We explored the castle for a good while finding the massive courtyard and its little gofer looking inhabitants. The castle was great for some happy snaps with amazing views of the castle itself and the surrounding landscape. We both agreed this was the best castle we have seen. We put this down to it not being ruined by tourists and the castle having retained most of its original looks.

A quick and easy 3 course lunch at the supermarket (sandwich, apple, small chocolate) later and we were off on our next adventure. We were heading up the hill towards the Church ok Marianska which is the yearly pilgrimage for catholic Slovaks. Heading up the hill, Levoca behind us was getting smaller and smaller and our trek got steeper and steeper. The view at the top was well worth the climb with spectacular views of Levoca and the country side below. This was the perfect end to a long day of walking and we were both looking forward to a good nights rest.

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