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Even when I am not feeling up to normal, I can usually find the time and energy to write a journal entry. Unfortunately, yesterday I was so sick to my stomach that there was no chance I would be able to do the job.

Jennifer came out when she got off work at the hospital, and brought me some meds she picked up at Walmart.

They seemed to do the trick as the vomiting stopped and I slept well last night.

Today I am up to about 60% of normal. Still recovering from whatever it was. Not much of an appetite but that won’t hurt me, to go without much food for awhile.

I so want to thank all of you good friends who sent good wishes my way. You are all a blessing in our lives.

The part that irritated me was that Marilyn had Lauren all day and I didn’t even get to see her. I stayed upstairs in the bedroom, close to the bathroom, while Marilyn and Lauren stayed in the living room all day.

Even Jennifer, the nurse, wouldn’t come close to me when she brought the meds out. I thought, “Oh, she’ll take my vital signs, give me some meds and assure me that all would be fine by morning”, or something like that.

Instead, it was “I love you, Dad, but I’m not coming up there to catch whatever you have!”

“Take one of these every six hours and I’ll call you in the morning to see how you are doing.”

As our friend, Howard, would say…..”Sheeesh!” LOL

Of course, the real reason she was so cautious was that she takes no chances on passing something on to her kids, and I would certainly hate it if that happened.

I am sitting in my recliner now and plan to watch the Cardinals on TV this afternoon. Maybe I’ll feel up to eating a little bit of ice cream. Hmmm…….. Very little!

I was noticing that we have several friends going toward Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, LA.

Bob & Molly and Cindy & Ken, I certainly urge you to drive over to Suire’s to have lunch.

Marilyn & I shared the Seafood sampler plate which was plenty for the two of us, and every bit of it was beyond delicious!

I must highly suggest you try the Catfish, the Oysters, and the Shrimp, and the Crab-cakes. Oh my, be sure to write about it in your blogs so that we can re-live that experience.

Well, dear friends, I will stop for now. The journal entry today is short but I hear that little bit of ice cream calling me.

I must be getting better!

Life is Good!

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