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Geometric stone design on street

Clock Tower

We are really enjoying our time on Rhodes. Today's weather was perfect with not a cloud in the sky. Our day started with a very peaceful breakfast in the garden served to us by our host. There was no place we had to be so we were able to just sit and enjoy the moment, the beauty of the garden and each other. We spent all morning and into the afternoon wandering the streets of Old Town. There are places all over where archaeological digs are uncovering the city under the city. The fortress walls are amazing. It's hard to imagine anyone would get inside the walls without an invitation. This is by far the most impressive fortress we have seen. The wall actually makes a very large semi-circle with several arched openings as gates to the New Town. We did go outside the walls just long enough to buy our boat tickets to Simi for tomorrow. There is quite a contrast between the area outside and inside the walls. Outside there is major traffic and a lot more people.

We had Greek salad for two and shared a plate of spaghetti with meat sauce for our midday meal at Yannis again. After placing our order, the owner/chef came. He told us that he made a pan of pastitso for us since he was out of it yesterday. That's amazing. We apologized for already ordering. On our way back to the B&B we picked up some cheese at a "supermarket". We find it very interesting that there are no cheese stores in Old Town.

By the time we got back to our room it was almost 6:00. Jim decided to take a rest and Karen went out to explore the shops but most of them were already closed. We had our usual cheese and bread about 8:00 but this time in the wonderful garden. No one else was around so it was very quiet.

We feel like we are in western Europe instead of Greece because our host and hostess are from England but our host is Japanese, 1 guest is a 70ish lady from France, 2 very conservative mid 40's ladies from England and 2 early 30's men from France. The one guy from France is Greek. We have learned that this is a very popular spot for people from England. Right now there are many people from Egypt here because they were on a plane headed for western Europe but were forced to land here because of the ashes from the volcano. Hopefully we will be able to get home on time.

We ended the evening with a short walk down the quiet streets (except for the motor scooters that are always present).

Tomorrow will be an early day so it's time to call it a night.

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