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Lizs Craft Photoshoot

Mondays Sunrise

Nittin Our Asssistant Waiter

No.. These Are Not All Ours

Passing Through The Straights Of Gibraltar

Sanjay Our Head Waiter

Monday 12th April, Tuesday 13th April, Wednesday 14th April Days 93 – 94 - 95

Packing, packing and more packing, pleased to say it is all done. As Susie is making a surprise welcome home in Southampton, Bill suggested losing a suitcase so that she could have a seat!

Well with some strategic packing (actually ramming) we did end up packing one suitcase inside the other.

Finished all the craft projects which was great and had a group photograph, Bill took it and then he is going to e-mail a copy to all the crafters. A really good group, with lots of laughter.

We have had quite a social whirl in the last few days, went to the Orchid with Rosie and Pete had a lovely meal. At a nearby table were our neighbours from the suite below, they were celebrating Tony’s 60th, Bobby Davro was there, causing a lot of hilarity. We learned the next day at their drinks party that Bobby had actually dropped his trousers for the photograph in the middle of the restaurant. Now we know it is time for us to come home!

Well last night (Tuesday) the weather changed from a mill pond to a boiling pot, it all kicked off around 6pm but subsided around 2am Wednesday morning, we passed another oil tanker last night and the waves were going over the top. We certainly cannot go out on the decks so easy now as compared to the entire trip, it is freezing! We know this is what you have been experiencing since we left but it does come as a shock. Oh well nearly back to reality. You are also reminded today (Wed) that the cruise is at its end as the suitcase are coming out in there hundreds. No all the cases in the photo are not ours.. just half!

We have included our waiters photos, Sanjay & Nittin, both from India, they have been excellent from start to finish and we have had a good banter all the way.

So after, exchanging e-mails and having a last lunch, last coffee etc., we are really ready for home. What an amazing, adventure even a life-changing journey, visiting all those countries and travelling 35,551 nautical miles.

We have been so lucky to have made this trip together and it has been made even more special by sharing it with you all. We have met so many nice people (and horrible) and made many new friend’s who we will keep in touch with.

Well that’s all folks. Thanks for looking in and sharing our experience.

Love Liz and Bill x

P.S. We will do another final entry, when we reach home. We have also talked about producing a book of our trip for charity, so will keep you posted.

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