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One of the finest parts of this “Full-Timer” lifestyle is seeing and exploring new places. We so look forward to the trips we have planned, to places we have not seen before.

Of course, we also feel great pleasure at returning to places we are familiar with. Places where we feel comfortable and know our way around. Places where we know we will meet up with old friends. Places where we know the best places to eat, and places to go for fun and adventure. It is these places that we most enjoy having friends to share the life with. We love showing people the places we like.

In reality, it is the mix of the two extremes, which intrigue us and make this lifestyle so wonderful.

New places to explore, new things to see, new places to eat, and new places to discover.

There are always those small treasures to be found. We have traveled to new places and looked forward to a particular place to eat, or see or explore, thanks to the blogs of friends who have been to these places before us, and then written about them.

Many times we have learned of a particular place to eat, where the food is fabulous. Most of the time it turns out to be a place that we might easily have passed up, if we had not known of it in advance.

Places like “Suires” grocery and café, just west of Abbeville, LA.

Absolutely the best Cajun food I have ever tasted!

Thanks to those friends who had been there, and took the time to write about it, even posting pictures, to make our visit more enjoyable.

We have enjoyed many different places in our travels, but the journey has been even more pleasant because a friend had been there before us.

We feel a similar feeling when we are able to share the love we have for a place we have been, by writing about it and then sharing it with friends who travel to the same place, partially because of what we wrote about it.

We are in wonderful company, traveling with RV friends!

We will soon be headed to Colorado Springs, for several months. We have friends planning to join us for a week or so, while we are there, and we look forward to that.

We’ll be back in Hannibal with family for awhile once we leave Colorado, and will take an “Anniversary Cruise” before we journey to the RGV once again.

This will be our fifth winter at Llano Grande Resort, so we are very familiar with that part of the country.

We love it there, where we are so comfortable. We love Mexico! We love the people, their culture, their music, the colors and the wonderful aroma of the food cooking over an open flame.

It is an experience for the senses, if you go with an open mind and some common sense.

There is also the joy of sitting in a lawn chair with your feet in the water, on a beach at S. Padre Island, sipping a cold beer, while basking in the bright sunshine and warm temperatures. The fact that it is winter in other parts of the country, and the folks who live there are fighting the snow and ice, make it even better!

I know that some folks really love the winters, but I am not one of them.

So, to our friends who have inspired us by writing of interesting places, and the great food they discovered, I say “Thank You”.

To our friends that we look forward to meeting up with, in places familiar to us, we want you to know that we can hardly wait to see you.

To all of the bloggers out there, who take the time to enrich the lives of all of us, I say “Travel Safe”, have a great time enjoying the blessings from above, and remember…..Life is Good!

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