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flying over one of the many Greek islands

Jim relaxing in the garden

Karen walked to the local bakery again this morning to get some breakfast before we departed Thessaloniki. The sky was overcast and it was still cool as we headed to the bus stop but that's okay because it was supposed to rain. Even though the weather was not beautiful during our stay in Thessaloniki, the only time it rained was during the night so our activities weren't hampered. While standing at the bus stop we were talking about the bus and speculating that we had about 15 minutes to wait since it wasn't listed on the electronic board yet. All of a sudden a lady tapped Karen and pointed at a bus. Sure enough it was one for the airport. It turns out this bus was actually 15 minutes late. We continue to be amazed at the helpful people we have met on our trip.

Our flight to Rhodes and the bus trip to the bus station went very smoothly. I just saw on Yahoo that many Europe flights were canceled today because of the ashes from the volcano in Iceland. I'm sure glad we got here. Our walk to the hotel was interesting. As we mentioned before, most of the roads aren't marked, particularly in the old towns. We had specific directions from our hosts but we still had to ask directions 3 times. The streets here wind and join others in such a way that we had no idea which way was straight. We finally arrived at the Apollo Guest House. Our host is very nice and gave us some suggestions for "real" Greek food not the tourist spots.

After getting settled and relaxing a bit in the garden, we headed out to find one of the recommended restaurants. We twisted and turned a bit but finally found this 10 table restaurant. We had a luscious Greek salad and a platter for two that had a variety of menu items on it. We both could have stopped after the salad and bread. We didn't realize how hungry we were for a salad.

There won't be much going out at night here unless we go down by the water (15 minute walk). We are way up where there isn't much happening. We already love Rhodes and look forward to exploring it more tomorrow. The roads are made of stones laid on edge and they make geometric designs. The roads are so narrow that when a car comes we have to squish against the building so it can pass. There are motor scooters everywhere. Our place was built in the 15th century. This age building is mixed in among the ruins. We are located inside the old wall which has several arched openings to get to the old city. At one time it was an amazing fortress.

Our room, which is one of 6, is on the first floor just off the reception area which leads to the enclosed garden. This is truly a vacation spot. Our room is QUITE small but with the reception area and garden within a few feet it seems much larger. The bigger rooms are on the second floor but we are glad we asked for this one on the first floor.

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