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The best day of the holiday for me was going to see Chichen Itza. As soon as you get there you can see why it is one of the seven modern wonders of the world, the sheer size of the pyramid is amazing. The design is impressive, you can see that the shadow of the sun makes it look like there is a snake running down the side of the pyramid, and when you stand in front of it and clap, a weird echo bounces back. The whole site of Chichen Itza from the Mayan settlement is massive, there is a big arena where ball games were played, lots of temples and a cenote where they used to perform sacrifices. There are also still lots of parts still being discovered.

After a walking round Chichen Itza for hours in the blazing heat, we headed back with our guide to a town called Valladolid. It’s a really pretty colonial town, very Spanish looking. We had lunch at a beautiful hotel on the square and the food was amazing.

After lunch we headed back to Tulum and went snorkeling in the Grand Cenotes. The cenote was really natural and so refreshing after a long day in the sun. The water was really clear and we managed to see loads of fish.

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