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Internet problems so this is late getting posted. Hopefully you will see pictures with it. LOL

This was written on Wednesday evening, April 14th.

I was scheduled to work today, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

After Marilyn & I finished our morning coffee, I dressed in my “Guide” clothing and walked to the Gift Shop.

Marilyn went for her regular morning walk of about 2 miles, and then drove to Palmyra for Colby’s “Playtime”.

They already had two guides when I showed up this morning, and no tour groups were scheduled, so I decided to return to the RV, change into jeans and a T-shirt and start mowing grass.

I spoke to Jamie and he gave me a quick refresher on using the ZTR mower.

I mowed grass for most of the day, and the campground really looks nice.

Marilyn has taken many pictures here and I will post some of them for you tonight.

Jennifer, Colby and Lauren spent most of the day here at the RV.

I stopped mowing long enough to join them for a bite of lunch, and later took Colby for a short ride on the mower. (Of course that was without any blade moving)

Colby was having a good time and didn’t want to go home.

I rushed to take a much needed shower before they all left and was able to give them hugs and say goodbye, cautioning Jennifer to drive carefully. We exchanged “I Love You” with each other and waved so long. They left around 5:30.

I put some burgers on the grill while Marilyn fixed potatoes and gravy, along with some veggies.

Dinner was tasty and now we are in the “Relax” mode.

This is a pretty short journal today, but some days we have more to write about than on other days.

We have friends on our mind and keep them in prayer.

It was a good day today, and we look forward to tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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