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Ola Amigos,

Im chillin in a lakefront hotel on the island of Flores, Guatemala! Im as happy as can be and have been having the time of my life!

Hope you guys are happy and healthy and remembering to manifest on the things you are thankfull for and those things that you would like to see happen in the future!

Over here everything is rad! We have been staying in a small village called Succotz with some very good people that we found on one of our escapades away from our secluded jungle home (bruce little´s property). They have welcomed us into their home and their hearts and we are now one big family. Im also making some other friends in the village, one being a girl named Sharmain who is my age and speaks english really well. Her family are a bunch of stone carvers that make beautiful mayan art from black slate. Sharmain gave me a black stone heart that she carved and i wear it around my neck. I have gotten lots of compliments on it and it feels really nice to wear.

On Sunday or monday (i forget which day) we all went to visit a couple from texas that came down here with their three little kids. They have found this beautiful circular cement house with a big open Palapa (thatched roof stucture with wooden supports) as the second floor! They live right by a waterfall and a magical fearie pool that is deep enough to dive into. We enjoyed a barbeque together with some other people they had met and had alot of fun belly dancing and swimming and eating together. Jessica and Don both practice various martial arts and have offered to teach us their knowledge. This is a special priviledge that i am eager to take them up on!

On tuesday, Sage, Devon, Aisha and Aaron (the new members of our family), and i crossed the boarder, which is not far from succotz, into guatemala and stayed a night at Aisha´s sisters house. Her family made us feel very welcome and helped me practice my spanish. I havent been speaking much of it before now but being in guatemala it is really a neccesity. So im learning more and its good. Aisha is guatemalan and belizean so she speaks fluent spanish and has a good handfull of connections in the country. We just got back from the ruins of tikal where we spent 5 hours walking in the footsteps of the mayan people of long ago. We saw alot of wildlife too including both spider and howler monkeys!

IT was super great. Tomorrow we are travelling to a town called Copan which is close to some very special natural wonders. Including some kind of blue waterfall and a famous cave! Im excited. Sage is crashed out upstairs in our hotel room and i am just checkin my email before i grab a bite to eat!

Mom and evan stayed in belize so they could spend some time moving in and organizing their things. Living out of a bag is extremely annoying sometimes. whatever you want is always at the very bottom! but it will be fun to see what they have done to the place. before we parted ways mom was designing the layout for the kitchen which we are moving out doors so they can have a bedroom of sorts. Its a nice apartment. really its the bottom floor of a concrete house. its painted blue and since we arrived a couple weeks ago, has running water!! We are camped out in the living room, which is the biggest room of the three. and it has been quite comfortable. There are not really any biting bugs in this region (Cayo) which is a such nice change from where we were before (in an orange orchard in Stann Creek district, AKA the jungal retreat).

i feel like i have come home in Belize. and guatemala is really cool too, i will most likely come back here for a longer stay in the future. and the fam is doing really well. Sage had a few grumpy days of withdrawal from our society of constant boredom and constant virtual engagement and has emerged from his shell with flying colours. During our stay in the secluded jungle lodge he busied himself by chopping wood and doing lots of swimming in our magical river. I think it was good for him to spend time with devon because he had someone to help him get motivated to get off his arse and entertain himself! We have been reading various books outloud including some earlier works by Terrance Mackenna, Ripley should know who this is , he is basically a guy who does alot of shrooms and bangs alot of chicks after getting uber high with them on various phsycadelics! He is a very weird guy but he has alot of interesting ideas and has had many crazy adventures! A well rounded family read!

WEll i love ya

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