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White Tower

The 42 stairs we climed many times a day

Our favorite dessert cafe

We headed to the White Tower with the hope we wouldn't get wet on the way. It rained most of the night and was very gray and cold as we headed out. The White Tower was once a prison and has recently become an extension of the Byzantine Museum we saw on Monday. We were given English audio guides as the entire museum is only in Greek. Each of the 5 floors contains pictures and videos from different periods of Thessaloniki's history. This city, as well as most of the country, has certainly been through a lot of violent periods. It seems today was also the day several school classes choose to attend the museum so we sort of did our tour around the school children. The view from the top was still very nice even though it was very hazy.

Our next adventure was to find our bus stop for tomorrow. It is a good thing we did because it took us at least an hour to find it. Finally a kind lady saw us studying the transportation map and asked if we needed help. When the next bus stopped she asked the driver. Greece has certainly showed us great hospitality. We then began our trek to the correct bus stop and indeed our bus was listed on the electronic sign. We will have about a 25 minute walk to the bus stop with our packs on.

After picking up our clothes from the laundry, we headed out to get some "dinner". We didn't get far as we stopped at the restaurant below our hotel room to check out the menu and found ourselves ushered inside. The food was fair at best. We were hoping for a nice meal to end our time in Thessaloniki. We then walked to the market place and everyone was closing. We cannot figure out the hours of any of the stores here and there are no hours posted. We headed back to the hotel for a short rest.

We needed to get cheese and our favorite bagel bakes for our evening meal so since dinner was a bust, we decided to head back to our favorite dessert place while we were out. We weren't disappointed but Karen has had it with sweets.

Our evening was spent packing, eating and updating our blog and pictures.

Since we are moving again, we cannot promise to post anymore. We will know tomorrow evening if we will have Internet access.

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