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The Border

Signs that Greet Us



View from parking lot casino

We drove our car from our parking spot at the casino to the Border a distance of 2 miles. It's a very safe crossing. We parked our car on the US side of the road and walked about 3 blocks to cross the border. We were greeted by many good looking salesmen trying to refer us to a dentist, or pharmacies. We walked into liquor stores, grocery stores, and walked through areas trying to get one to buy jewelery, purses, t-shirts, or other decors. Liquor stores had the beautiful gals trying to get one to sample the liqueurs. I was surprised at the cleanliness of the streets. We never saw one police officer. The only purchase was a t-shirt. The crossing into the US border was a 20 minute wait. We were greeted by old women trying to sell us baskets or chewing gum. Young boys selling their small wares of turtles,etc. while we waited for our turn in line. It was good to be back in the USA.

Later in the day we took our bikes into Yuma to ride on the trails along the river. We also ran errands in town.

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