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We had decided on somewhat of a later start this am. However, when we got up we found that the RV lot also doubled as the employee parking lot so we were fighting off cars blocking us in as we stood out drinking our coffee.

Today we cross into Mexico.

We have decided on the Tecate border crossing this time and then head straight south to Ensenada.

We crossed the border without incident.

The border crossing guard came on board, looked around and then sent us on our way. He directed us towards the immigration office to get our tourist cards but told us we couldn’t park at the border and would have to go around the block and come back. Jack and Rose headed for the local Pemex gas station while Anne&Delores went in to get the immigration cards while I circled the block. The immigration guy told us we should pay and get our cards stamped before we left Tecate, however, we made an executive decision and headed for Ensenada with the plan to do it there. Little did we know this would come back to haunt us.

We arrived in Ensenada and camped at the MonaLisa campground.

This is a great little campground, somewhat out of town, but close to the ocean.

We are spending 2 nites in Ensenada to have a bit of a travel break.

After setting up and having our welcome to Mexico drinks we ordered a taxi and headed into town for dinner.

The second cab was quite interesting. Ive seen better units in the scrap metal pile. But hey we are in Mexico rite…and it got us to the restaurant.

We went to a steak house that was recommended by the cab driver. The meal was great and we met some very interesting folks and had after dinner drinks with them. We all returned to the campsite very full and ready for a good nites sleep.

One thing we didn’t discover until too late was that we left our camera at either the restaurant or in the cab so there will be a distinct shortage of pics from this trip.

We will try to find a new one along the way.

Our second day in Ensenada has been scheduled for MORE shopping and MORE casino time. First order of business though was to pay for and get our tourist cards stamped. We headed to a local bank who took our money, then we headed downtown to the immigration office to have them stamped.

Jack and I circled the block looking for parking while the gals went inside. After sometime inside Rose was the first to appear and was quite upset and frustrated. Apparently the Immigration officer was not too polite questioning the gals on why we didn’t get this done in Tecate and telling them off, and telling them they would have to pay a fine.

Those of you who know Rose can only imagine how Rose told this guy off when he had finished, storming out of his office.

She came to my car first saying….

’get Jack over here quickly before the Police get here and take me to jail”

To make a long story short we got our cards stamped…paid a $5 fine each….and Rose chewed the guy a new ear (it was really a new something else but Im keeping it clean)

The shopping complete, the cars full of groceries and booze, the gals were dropped off at the Ensenada casino and Jack & I returned to the motorhomes to drink yet more beer.

When the gals got home we were invited to the campsite owners house for ‘welcome to mexico Tequila’.

The lady has an amazing home and had an amazing story of her life.

Its much too long to go into on the blog but it can be found on their website at

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