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Hi All,

Well we are on the way and really excited especially after all these months of planning.

We are now 1546 kms from home at Broken Hill. Travelling every day for 4 days to get here was not too hard though as we get on the road early, stop for coffee after a couple of hours and if going for more than another couple we tend to have to stop for fuel so have a break again. We like to get to our caravan park for the night by about 1 or 2 at the latest.

The trip so far has taken us from dragging up a mountain at Cunningham's Gap near the coast to flat land where you just cannot see a tree anywhere to the horizon between Wilcannia and Broken Hill. On the way here we have seen cotton farms round Moree, the Piliga Scrub near Coonabarabran, wheat near Gilgandra, cattle and sheep all the way from there to Broken Hill. The country side is as green as green following the excellent rains in the last few months our here.

As we got further west the land got flatter and the towns further apart. At one stage we saw a tower beside the road on a straight stretch. We got to it 10kms later. The difference in the geography is incredible and is never boring as the land is constantly changing. Wildlife so far is emus, goats, sheep, cattle and the very occasional kangaroo and grasshoppers, millions of them, just have a look at the photo of the front of the car and it gets all cleaned off every day and they stink, boy how they stink.

Broken Hill is very interesting, the strangest part is the housing a total mixture of very old, not so very old and sort of new and from miners cottages to normal cottages all mixed in together and the town is full of pubs but not all are operating as a pub.We have done a fair bit here and have more to do but have seen the Royal Flying Doctor Base (with planes) a couple of museums, buildings round town and went to a town 30 kms away which is now a ghost town called Silverton which was great. Lots of very old disused buildings and a pub. We still have some art galleries to visit and some more old buildings but we still have 2 more days here so its all good.

By the way to see the photos bigger just double click on them.

Thats all the news for new

Anne and Marco

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