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We were awakened shortly after daybreak this morning by the birds singing and squawking, as they began their day.

We had slept with the windows open and it was so comfortable to lay there under the covers, with the cool air coming gently through the windows beside our heads. We thought we heard some wild turkeys and Marilyn raised her head to look out the window. She confirmed that they were indeed out there, and moving toward our RV.

We felt fine after a good night of sleep, and climbed out of bed to have our morning coffee before starting the days activity.

I had a list of things to accomplish and looked forward to having all day to get it done.

Jennifer called and had a plan for her and her Mom. They were taking the two grandkids and going shopping. Now THAT really gave me the entire day to get things done.

Marilyn cleaned the kitchen and I dried the dishes for her.

I then made the bed while Marilyn prepared for her day out.

Once Jennifer arrived, and I had a chance to give Colby a hug and kiss (Lauren was asleep), the gals left me alone and headed off on their adventure.

I took care of some financial matters, signing papers for the mandatory withdraw from two of our funds this year.

I guess we can look at this as sort of a raise since the Social security is not going up for awhile. Of course we will not take any money out of our funds until we are forced to by the rules, like in November or December.

I also renewed our membership in Camping World, and mailed in the rebate forms for our new phones.

I then cleaned my CD and DVD stuff from the kitchen table. That should make Hon happy! LOL

I took off in the truck to deliver some items we brought home with us for some friends, and reserved a dinner date for Marilyn, Steve & Jennifer, and myself, on the evening of our 48th anniversary.

We plan to be on the road early the next morning after that dinner.

I made hotel reservations in Athens, Greece and in Rome, Italy, for later in the year, when we take our anniversary trip.

I ate a delicious lunch at the Becky Thatcher restaurant in downtown Hannibal, before returning to the campground, where I proceeded to wash the RV.

I finished washing the RV, put the tools away, then went inside to retrieve a cold beer.

I had just sat down in a lawn chair on the patio when the gals and grandkids returned.

They sat with me for awhile and then Jennifer was off to “Curves” while Marilyn & I spent some time playing with and giving lots of hugs to, the grandkids.

We played at the playground and in the water and were resting for a moment, near the rock shop, when Jennifer returned.

Once Jen and the grandkids headed home, I went inside and took a much needed shower.

After that I sat on the patio with Marilyn for a bit before lighting the grill.

I grilled some teriyaki salmon while Marilyn fixed a huge salad and we shared a nice relaxing meal.

Now, as I write this journal, Marilyn is out for a nice walk around the campground.

She will return shortly and we’ll settle in for the evening, watching “Dancing with the Stars”.

Another fine day fades into the evening. We are blessed!

Life is good!

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