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We had a wonderful day getting back in touch with some long time friends in Quincy, Illinois. It is now very late and far past our bed-time. I'll continue this journal entry in the morning.

More later.......


After our usual morning coffee, Marilyn & I dressed and drove downtown for a good breakfast at the Mark Twain Dinette.

After breakfast we visited with a couple of friends we have recently met, who were sitting in another room at the restaurant. They spent part of the winter in Mission, Texas, not far from where we were, but we did not know them at that time.

After we left the restaurant, we drove to Walmart where we filled the Van with fuel before going inside to shop for a few minutes.

I have been wanting the ability to access the internet while we are traveling. My options were to purchase an air card for the laptop, which costs about $60.00 per month, or get a newer phone which has the internet capability. That option costs an extra $30.00 per month.

Since both, Marilyn & I were eligible for an upgrade to our phones, we opted for that.

We selected the internet capable phone for mine and had the internet blocked on Marilyn’s phone. She will use mine while I am driving if we need to select a campground, check e-mail, etc.

Back at the RV we took our showers and dressed for the wedding and reception in Quincy.

The youngest daughter of long time friends was married today. She is a beautiful young lady and married a handsome young man. They made a great looking couple.

Marilyn & I drove to the home of friends, and had a nice visit before heading to Quincy University where the wedding was held in the Chapel.

We saw many of our long time friends, which we had not seen for some years, and after the wedding we enjoyed standing around visiting some more.

The reception began at 8:00 PM so we had plenty of time to have a light dinner. We chose Panera Bread with their delicious soups, salads and sandwiches.

We rode to the wedding with our friends but returned to their home to retrieve our truck, and drove that to the reception.

We sure enjoyed the reception. It was a lot of fun! We sat at a table with some long time friends and one lady we had just met.

Mark & Leanne, Lawson & Jan, Stan & Cathy, and the one lady we just met. Her name escapes me at the moment.

It was so nice getting back in touch with these good people. Some we had not seen since Jennifer’s wedding in 2006.

We finally made it back to our little Land Yacht by 10:30 PM, and found our way to bed shortly after 11:00. That is late for us!

So, yesterday was another wonderful day and we are so thankful for the blessings of the good people who touch our lives every day.

Life is Good!

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