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Helping Papa fix the turn signal


Walking with Papa

This Sluice is Fun!


Colby and the Cat


Having Fun

Lunch with Mom


The furnace cycled on and off most of the night and we peeked to see what the outdoor temperature was when we got out of bed this morning.

38 degrees! That’s too cold for me!

Luckily it did warm to 66 today. That was a good thing because Colby and Lauren were here and Colby likes to play outdoors. We were concerned about Colby because he had such a rough day yesterday, but today was no problem. He watched as his Mom drove away and then went directly to “Playtime” mode.

Jennifer took Lauren in for the regular Doctor’s appointment while we kept Colby.

We played awhile outdoors and then went for a walk. Colby enjoys the Campground and the entire complex here. He remembers things so well, and he wanted to see the water flowing under the bridge. He also wanted to see the two dogs which Linda owns. Lassie (pronounced Lacy) and Judge are sometimes here and they seem to love it when Colby comes by to pet them. Each is jealous of the other and they try to nuzzle in by poking their nose under Colby’s hand so that they are the one being petted.

Colby also likes the Cave mascot, “Billie Sue” the jet black cat which lives here all year round. Billie Sue, like most cats, is more independent and takes only so much loving. When she has had enough she just walks off.

The Cave complex also has a Rock Shop where the kids and adults may use a sluice to Pan for valuable Gems. Colby just likes the running water and the little waterfalls as the water runs down the sluice boxes.

Marilyn found some flowers and picked one for Colby to give to his Mom when she returned and Colby had to stop and smell the flowers every few yards, as we walked back toward the RV.

Jen returned just a moment or so after we reached the RV, and we all ate lunch at the picnic table on our patio.

Colby helped me fix a “Turn Signal” light on the Van and later helped retrieve a small pretzel which he had dropped down an open register. He loves to work with tools and is pretty smart about them. He knows the names of the tools and what they are used for.

He did a fine job and I made sure that he was paid for his efforts.

All of us walked to the playground to play with Colby on the slides and various other playground equipment.

I do have lots of pictures to sort through for you. I’ll post some of the best for you, even if they were not taken today.

So, here’s hoping that all of you good readers have a wonderful day. A special hug goes out to those at the rv-dreams rally. We do miss seeing all of you!

Now, I’ll call it a day. This has been one of those wonderful days which enrich our lives.

Life is Good!

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