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Approach to Ometepe...2 Volcanos Joined by Lava Flow

Different Ferry Kind of Like Ours

View of 2 Volcanos - Ometepe

Our Captain

Closer To Concepcion Volcano

Gulls Chasing Ferry For Churned Up Easy Eats

Nina and Greta on Ferry

Nels With Wave

Bon On Board Ferry

Sunset From Window In Hotel Estrella in San Juan del Sur

Leaving Ometepe...First Time No Clouds on Top Volcano Concepcion

Fisherman In Lake Nicaragua

Leaving Port on Ometepe

Port on Ometepe

Monica at Finca Magdelena

Greta at Finca Magdelena

Nels - Yawning & Nina

John at Finca M.

Miranda & James





































Leaving Oasis Hostel today...been a good place to stay, lots of different people, big group from Global College, Long Is. U. here...very interesting 4 year program, travel to different parts of world every year for 4 months of their education. One next year will study comparative religions going to Turkey, Taiwan, India, and Thailand.

Left hostel w/ friends we met (Nina & Nels from Denmark, Greta from Sweden) and bus to Rivas & San Jorge. Countryside is brown & dry except in a few cases where land owners obviously have access to irrig water - stream or wells - then it's acres of rice, sugar cane, & bananas. Dry areas have cattle ranches, a few goats. Of course, this being 'cowboy country' there also are lots of horses in 'fields' grazing on what I cannot tell. Looks like MT in late summer of a particularly dry year! In Rivas we got taxis to ferry (just missed) so a little wait and then boat to Ometepe island. Again just missed bus so the end result we found ourselves hiking up the hill to Balgue & Finca Magdalena in the dark. Luckily there is plenty of room, Bon & I opt for a "dorm" room w/ just 3 beds which is 50 cents more but has a fan...they don't put anyone else in our room so it is like a private room, nice, basic - just the beds and fan, ha!

Tons of people here incl John from Crater's Edge and Monica from Oasis...plus, Suzanne (girl from UK who is travelling for 3 years...met in Juayua).

Next day (10th)spent much of the time talking with Monica, Suzanne, Greta, John, Nels and Nina. Taught them Up and Farkel!


Sunday the night before we were planning to leave w/ Greta and Canadian couple, James & Miranda on 4:45am bus so we settle our bills and packed. But as luck would have it James & Miranda have a Cribbage board and we play some plus a fellow, Kyle, who works now for AID as a consultant (used to full time) gets some others into Yatsee. This gaming morphs into a late nite Farkel in which Kyle beats us all TWICE by huge amt. The plan to leave went out the window! We all opt to stay 'til Monday. I only agreed because the group as a whole had lots of game playing folks (plus, they are a fun group as well).

We go on a hike to see the petroglyphs....see pics.

Ometepe Info

Finca Magdalena is a very laid back place and reasonably priced - not really cheap but definately less than most others we've stayed - $3 US dorm bed, most food meals $4 US or less. Only draw back is clouds of tiny flying bugs (non-biting at least) which are very annoying and the showers are FREEZING!

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