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It was a bit chilly inside the RV when we awoke this morning.

I turned the furnace on to take the chill off, but it ran only long enough to warm things inside to 64 degrees, and then it shut off.

I knew right away that one propane bottle was empty, so I went outdoors in my PJ’s to open the valve on the full bottle.

All toasty warm now, we sipped our morning coffee and talked about things we needed to do today.

Marilyn wanted to go shopping to select a wedding gift for the daughter of some friends. We’ll be going to the wedding on Saturday in Quincy, Il.

I had some chores lined up for myself, but first we were going to take care of Colby and Lauren while Jennifer and Gloria went to work out. No problem.

When they arrived I helped Colby out of the car seat and he immediately ran headlong into the open door of the car. Bummer!

That was the end of Colby’s fun because the next thing he knew, his Mom had left and he wasn’t ready for that yet.

He did perk up when his Mommy returned but before that we were unable to get him interested in anything like playing outdoors, helping with chores (something he enjoys) or even eating a cookie. He did hold on to a cookie but didn’t eat it until his Mommy came back.

After they had all left to go back home, we called Jen to see if he felt better and she assured us that he was fine.

One of those things I guess.

I then left to get the propane bottle filled while Marilyn went on her shopping mission.

I returned with the full bottle of propane. $23.00 to have a 40# bottle filled. That is the same cost as we paid in the RGV this winter.

After installing the now full (and quite heavy) bottle of propane, I dumped the holding tanks, rinsed the black water tank, added water and chemical, and re-wound the water hose.

I then went inside to clean up and started my next project, which was to grill some lean pork for our lunch/dinner.

I started the dryer to finish up the laundry and then took a cold drink outdoors while enjoying the bright sunshine. The steady, cool breeze made things too cold for any thoughts of shorts and sandals, but it was nice to sit in the sunshine with a light jacket on.

Marilyn returned and joined me on the patio.

Later we had a nice meal of BBQ pork and some of the delicious bean salad from Mike & Sandy’s recipe.

I checked in on the Masters Golf Tourney while Marilyn read from her latest book, and we had a very nice, relaxing, late afternoon.

Tonight we plan to watch Survivor on TV and I suspect I can talk Marilyn into fixing some popcorn to make it even better.

Tomorrow I may see if I can help the guys with some mowing. I’ll have to become familiar with the ZTR mower once again. That thing does a fine job but is a handful until I’ve been on it for a little while.

If it is too wet to mow, I plan to do some cleaning on the outside of the RV.

We sure have been enjoying the blogs of our friends around the country. Most are on the road or attending the RV-Dreams rally.

It would be nice to be there but we are spending some quality time with Jen, Steve and the grandkids. Sure do love these little tykes.

Well dear readers, that is about it for today.

I’m heading to the shower and then I’ll be sitting here relaxing in front of the fireplace with my PJ’s on.

Life is good!

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