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Karen and Jim in front of Sounion

Enjoying Souvlaki in Glyfada

Today was a lazy day. I think Easter caught up with all of us. It was definitely a Starbucks day, and many of us decided to stroll over and have some caffeine. It was another beautiful day, and short sleeves are in order.

After a lunch of left-overs (it was like another feast!) Stavros drove us along the coast north of Athens. The Mediteranian Sea is truly spectacular. Some of the homes as we drove along were spectacular, too! After about an hour's drive we saw in the distance an imposing sight at the summit overlooking the Sea. "There it is... what we've been waiting for." said Stavros. It was the ancient Temple of Posioden. Even 2,200 years later it is awesome. It stands on a promentory high above the surrounding hills, and even today seems to rule the sea. How it was built, and how the ancient stone masons were able to fashion the columns is still a mystery. Another mystery was explained to us by Stavros. It seems that the Temple of Posioden, the Temple of Apollos and the Parthenon form a perfect isocoles triangle. In addition, they are at exactly the same altitude. Nobody knows how they did it, or what kind of instruments they used. It truly is a mystery.

The beautiful seaside resorts were delightful to see. The beaches were very different than ours. They were at best small gravel, and more often boulders from which one could jump into the sea. Still, we learned that it was this rugged terrain which extended under the sea which allowed the water to be so pure.

After our trip was over we relaxed at home for just a bit before going to downtown Glyfada. It was so 'Americanized' that it could have been transplanted directly from Manhattan. We ate supper at a kind of fast-food souvlaki restaurant, which was quite good. Then back to the apartment to relax into the evening. Another in a string of beautiful days was over.

Tomorrow is the acropolis and the Parthenon. The bed beckons

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