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All the house was buzzing with excitement as Easter had arrived. It seems that the American Easter bunny had crept in during the night, and bags of goodies were hidden all around the house. What merriment! Too soon all the bags were found, and preparations for the Easter feast resumed.

We call it a 'feast' because that's exactly what it was. A whole leg of lamb, mashed potatoes, salad, green beans, rice stuffing, bread and butter, beans, taziki sauce and much more crowded the long dining room table as we gathered, first to pray, then to eat, and eat, and eat! Stuffed fuller than the leg of lamb, we were then enticed to eat some of the traditional sweet bread of Greek fame. Snacks were laid out (for the gluttons among us), and a time of visiting began. Just as yesterday, we had many visitors, each bringing some token gift (quite often sweets) for the family. Karen, Tracey and I were all overwhelmed as the Greek language became primary, and we were left hoping our 'ne', 'efharisto' and 'yasas' would all be muttered at an appropriate time. From the smiles we received as each single and couple left, we guessed we hadn't done too badly. And so, the afternoon and evening were quickly consumed. One by one children and adults began to bid their fond good nights to one another. Easter was at last complete.

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