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new jacuzzi!

Saturday afternoon using the new patio furniture

Miss Greek Easter Princess!

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dancing Greek style in the pool!

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Murphy plays with the ball

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Dann is a tease!

On Saturday, Jeanne and I went up to the Gardens with the Bostons and found out that Gette & Rose had new acroutrements in their back yard! What fun to sit in the jacuzzi for a few minutes then jump into the unheated pool to cool off! Later, we rested at the table with a cool drink and good conversations. Laurie joined us when she got off of work. Gette managed to stay up until midnight and watched the Greek church service through her laptop!

I went to church on Sunday with Gette & Rose, then had a great afternoon with the family. Dann, Laurie's brother-in-law, joined us. His wife Connie had to go to PA for a funeral service the day before. We had leg of lamb, potatoes, moussaka and lots of other good things to eat! It is nice when Greek Easter coincides with our Easter - Gette loves it! Notice how we listened and danced to the music in the video. Murphy loves to play with that ball with us!

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