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Strong storms were forecast for us during the night last night. They were forecast to pass through our area at 4:00 AM. Thanks to my trusty built-in alarm clock, I awoke right at 4:00. Maybe the thunder had something to do with it. LOL

I lay there listening to the thunder and the sound of rain on the roof, then finally got up at 4:15 AM.

The storm passed through very rapidly and it was all quiet by 4:30.

Marilyn was awake and joined me for coffee by 6:00, so we sat together talking about our summer plans.

I finally had to get ready to go do the guide thing today. Marilyn left shortly after I did. She went to Colby's play time at the school, with other kids. She had a good time I'm sure!

Late in the afternoon, Marilyn walked in the gift shop, pushing a stroller with Lauren.

Jennifer and Colby were with her also.

It was good to see everyone and we shared hugs all around.

Jennifer wasn’t feeling well though and they left fairly soon after arriving.

I ended up guiding four groups through the cave today, and finished right at 5:00 PM.

I rushed right home to change and get ready to go out to dinner with our friends, Dennis & Sonja and Steve & Cathy. Marilyn was ready and we were soon out the door, headed for “Dos Vaqueros” Mexican restaurant.

At dinner we had a wonderful, fun and relaxing time. We have known these good people for many years and it was so nice to spend time together laughing and talking.

Have you ever noticed how enjoyable it is to spend time with close friends, where the conversation flows so easily, and the laughter is spontaneous and unrestrained. That is pretty much how it is with RV friends and these long time friends as well.

We lingered long after our meal was finished, reluctant to part company.

We finally had to leave though, so we said goodnight with hugs and each couple went their own way.

Back at the RV Marilyn called Jen to see how she is feeling.

Jen says she thinks she feels a little better. We’ll check with her tomorrow morning.

I have some RV related chores to get done tomorrow, so we look forward to a good day, after a great night of sleep.

I’ll let you know how those expectations turn out when I write tomorrow evening.

So, another fine day goes into the memory bank. We are thankful for the blessing we receive each day, and remain aware that…….. Life is Good!

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