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April 6, 2010

Auto Day. We drove our 6 speed Audi wagon on the Autobahn to Stuttgart, home of Porsche and Mercedes Benz. Our GPS computer got us right there, addresses having been obtained from our laptop research. Signage along the way continues to amuse, [I don’t care who you are-a Tonyism].

I know that I am entering a land from which I may not return.

In case I do not make a timely return – this is when we entered. We only had time for coffee before Steve was literally twitching to begin the tour.

Ok this is cute.

Tony needed a life size picture of his Playstation 3 car of choice.

This is what Steve drove when we first met and we did not still own when Zoey turned sixteen.

Wade, your dad says to tell you this is our rental car ().

Big, little, dull, shiny, to the top of the museum – Steve’s head did not explode.

I see daylight. Time check.

Now Heidi the GPS guides us to Mercedes across town.

The museum starts with transportation in general – there is a horse first, but the motorized bicycle was more interesting – for Jamaica.

I knew that we would see the some little car related to mine – this looks like Pinot’s little sister in a family gathering.

The exhibit places the cars in to an interesting version of historical context – along the way we think Don Neely may have been here in 1958.

The big draw was the lineage of Silver Arrows – all MBZ race cars were white, then one was too heavy so they shaved off the white paint down to the silver metal and it made the weight limit. Now they are always silver.

We made it from the top of the museum to the bottom. One more danger point – the gift shop. Not only does MBZ have small items for sale, but adjacent are previously owned classic cars that have been totally factory refurbished and available for purchase…it was pointed out that nothing on that side would fit in the overhead luggage compartment.

Back to the Autobahn to retrace our steps for our date with Tony’s Uncle Rudolf Weber who lives near our hotel in Nurnberg. He helped us park from the balcony of his apartment, luckily, otherwise we would have needlessly put money in the meter.

Uncle Rudy graciously walked us to dinner at Bratwurst-Rőeslein, an old local eatery http://www.bratwurst-roeslein.de.

Casual and relaxed we enjoyed local fare – Steve always up for something new tried sauerbraten. Pork shoulder for Uncle and I’m just going to show you what Tony had.

Conversation flowed so naturally – it doesn’t feel like we are language impaired much any more – Tony is so seamless with his translations and Uncle Rudy’s English is very good and understandable when he ventures in to it.

We finished the evening with a glass of wine in the shop inside Mr. Weber’s apartment building. A very handy restaurant to have just downstairs. The accordion player signaled our exit – too noisy. As we were right near the entrance, we bid goodnight in the foyer. What a great evening with nice company and getting some family history, too. We managed to cook up plans for Tony and his mother to return next year for Uncle Rudy’s 70th birthday – it’s a good thing that we turned the ring at the fountain.

Out we go. It feels like I’m getting a touch of Steve’s congestion – out for the night. Tomorrow to Audi and local attractions, maybe some music errands.

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