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We were awakened this morning by Natures Alarm Clock. No, not the one which wakes you up to make a trip to the bathroom!

The one where the birds singing and signaling to one another wakes you, when their songs waft gently through the open window beside your head. See, the one which awakened us this morning was really very nice. LOL

Marilyn & I sipped our morning coffee while being entertained by the blogs and e-mails of our friends around the country.

It was an absolutely gorgeous morning, so we went for a walk. Marilyn took her camera along and we discovered some wonderful photo opportunities along the way.

We discovered when we returned to the RV, that there was no memory chip in the camera. I had failed to put it back after downloading pictures last evening. My bad!

Back at the RV we made ourselves presentable and then drove into town to purchase some much needed supplies at WalMart.

Jennifer called us while we were shopping, to let us know that she was staying at home today, to get the house cleaned and laundry caught up, after a very busy weekend. Marilyn & I had the day to ourselves and that was a good thing because we had some things to get done, too.

Counting the day we arrived here, I have only left the campground twice in 10 days. Once for a haircut and once for the baptism and Easter celebration at the farm.

We managed to spend well over $100 at WalMart and returned to the RV to unload our supplies.

Marilyn put things away and fixed some dressing to go with the turkey breast and mashed potatoes we will share tonight for our dinner.

I did some work in organizing the basement storage area and completed our Federal Tax return. I then e-filed our taxes and am happy to have that done.

Marilyn sat outdoors in the lounge chair, enjoying the bright sunshine and wonderful breeze. I washed the rear window and Marilyn put the bird feeder on the window. Now we can watch the birds at the feeder, from the comfort of our recliners. She still wants to put up a couple of hummingbird feeders.

Tomorrow I will be guiding tour groups from 9:00 to 5:00 and then we are going to dinner with a group of friends. Mexican food, margaritas, good company and relaxed conversation.

I’ll write more about that tomorrow evening, and maybe we’ll have some pictures to post for you.

I think we’ll go out to the patio for a nice glass of wine.

Life is Good!

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