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We have spent the last week in one of my favourite places Ever...none of us wanted to leave Florianopolis. The slogan of Backpacker's Sharehouse (the hostel we stayed in) is ONE MORE NIGHT (they actually have this painted on the wall) because everyone always stays longer than they plan to.

We arrived absolutely shattered after a horrible 16 hour bus journey from Iguazu, definitely the worst so far. But the bright sunshine, insane beaches and the pancakes AND cheese toasties that the hostel serves for breakfast managed to cheer us up fairly speedily. For the most part we spent our days lying on the beach and in the sea. Eliza, Philly and I spent one afternoon being taught to surf by a legend of a man called something like Josueaishuaishuu who called Eliza ELOOIIZA and found my inability to stand up on a surf board for more than two seconds absolutely hilarious. We explored the area a bit - spending one day at Mole beach where all the gay Brazilians congregate in tiiny speedos and another at the beautiful swimming holes, lying on the rocks. But in general we were pretty lazy, enjoying the sun on the beaches and the amazing atmosphere at our hostel. We met so many people from different places (although of course plenty of Londoners as well) and mostly spent the evenings in the bar playing games and laughing a lot. We had two amazing party nights - Luce and I went to Pacha which is a massive worldwide club chain so so much fun, and also to a Brazilian hip hop night. And on Easter Sunday we were all feeling a little homesick so we were hugely amused by the egg hunt in the evening.

We really didn't want to leave, but it helped that most of the friends we made there were leaving the same day. So last night we got the bus to Sau Paulo. Arriving at 7 this morning and getting on the metro in Rush Hour definitely brought us back to reality, it is rainy and we could be in any massive city. All just having a nap now then maybe the cinema later and I want to find some sushi as apparently it is cheap and really good here.

Hope you are all well, missing you lots and please keep sending me your news. Love Han xxx

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