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The Strip from a distance

Weather moving over the mountains


Moving closer to the rocks








First Orange County Chopper design

Excaliber in the background

Monorail system


Luxor phynx

Orange Coounty Chopper

New York, New York-one complex

For you, Wilson!


Twenty miles outside the city limits of Las Vegas lies Red Rock Canyon. Thanks for the suggestion, Laurie. The Calico rocks are the result of upward thrust causing the younger rocks to be upended by the older rocks. Sandstone, limestone, and gypsum are the main elements. Following the designated scenic drive allowed us to leisurely take in the beauty of the rocks. There is a total of 197,000 acres of conservation lands. There is much that has been preserved including petroglyphs, unusual rock formations, Mohave Desert animal life, etc.

It would have been better if we'd taken a trail or two; however, with wind gusts up to 66 mph, we were more comfortable staying closer to the truck. Incidentally, 20 miles outside the city the temps were 20 degrees cooler! The bottom line - we were not dressed appropriately!! Gusty winds pushed the weather system right on through with only a few sprinkles. An apple each and two bottles of water left us feeling hungry. Inside the Visitor's Center was featured samples of Prickly Pear trail mix. Now add a bag of trail mix and you have a filling, healthy lunch!

The second half of the day the upper strip entertained us! Just look at the pictures-larger than life, grandiose, glittery, glitz, and a contagious atmosphere. It was interesting observing arriving families loaded with luggage, junk food, and computer games. There is plenty within each hotel complex to entertain any age. I never really thought of Vegas as an Easter break spot. Little do I know!? Each hotel complex intersects with the other. The city has cleverly placed cross-over walks allowing for increased safety and crowd control. Certainly, Las Vegas has entertained us! We will be heading northeasterly to southern Utah and the Grand Staircase. Join in Zion NP.

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