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Scary Bus Ride


Chapel of St. Ivan


Bell Tower in Split

Giant Ninski!

Rub his toe for good luck!

I made it!

I don't have a clue what this is.

View from the top

Scary Stairs

Welcome to Bosnia!

We had an early start today, so no breakfast at the hostel. Instead, we stopped at the Konzum up the street to get yogurt and snacks. The first day we were there we tried this, and were subjected to the glares of the cashier, because none of us had small change. This time we all had reasonable sized bills, so no glares! (Handy travel tip - never try to use a 100 kuna note in Croatia unless your bill is at least half that.) We met up with the bus that had been chartered for our group at the hotel, and a couple hours later we were in Trogir. We spent about an hour there, just wandering around, and then went on to Split. We got a quick tour of Diocletian’s Palace, saw the church, and ate lunch (Mmmm... complimentary blueberry schnapps afterwards). I almost didn’t do anything else, but ended up deciding to climb the bell tower with Julie. Turns out it’s stone steps for the first third or so, but then you reach the bells, at which point it switches to metal stairs. Now, I trust stone stairs. After all, they've been there for hundreds of years, chances are they won't collapse while I'm climbing them. Metal stairs? Not so much. They looked decidedly unsafe (that may have just been my imagination), and at that point I almost turned back, but I took a deep breath and plowed ahead, and made it to the top! By the time we made it back down it was time to leave, and we got back on the bus to head to Medjugorje. Some truly scary scenery ensued (never go up and down mountains in a bus), but we eventually made it. A group of us went to dinner and then tried to visit the church, but it was closed for the night.

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