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Steve goes the extra mile to hang that bird house

OK, all done!

It was nearly daylight outdoors by the time we arose this morning.

We finished off an entire pot of coffee as we watched the sky turn dark again, and then the rain came down.

I waited for the rain to stop and then went outdoors to retrieve the new license and registration for the Van. I received them in the mail while we were still in Texas, and yesterday I realized that I was driving the Van with an expired license plate, expired proof of insurance, and an out of date registration. I found the documents I needed, put the little sticker on the license plate and put the current documents in the glove box. All is well!

We once again have a small water leak in the same spot that we found it before. I wanted to check for a crack in the sealant but it was raining so I put that off. I did get that job done later in the afternoon, but found no problems on the roof. I did find one piece of trim which was loose and it is located just above the spot where we found a wet spot on our carpet. That may be the culprit, so I sealed it, later in the afternoon, and we’ll continue to check it.

Steve, Jennifer and the grandkids came by and Marilyn & I were able to do our “Grandparent” thing while Steve and Jen took care of errands and must do things in town.

Later, Steve & Jen sat with us on the patio. Steve even climbed a tree to hang a bird feeder for us. I had to clean the old nest out of it first, but it now hangs where we can watch it from inside the RV.

I was able to feed Lauren twice today, and took Colby for a walk and a “Treasure Hunt”.

We enjoyed the kids visit even though we didn’t do much except visit and play with the grandkids outside.

After our company left we relaxed indoors for awhile before Marilyn fixed some Rueben’s for our dinner. We had planned to have turkey breast, potatoes and gravy, and some dressing, but didn’t make it to the store. That is all fine with me because I really like the Reuben’s she fixes.

Tonight we’ll watch the NCAA Championship game and root for Butler. We’ll be switching back and forth though, to catch some of “Dancing with the Stars”.

Tomorrow I hope to get our taxes done and make a trip to WalMart.

The sun has been shining this afternoon and it turned out to be a fine day.

Oh yes, I want Cathy to know that I had another request for a Bumper Sticker. Denny & Jackie, I am saving one for you, and look forward to you coming down to visit when you can.

I have some pictures to post for you dear readers. Some are for yesterday’s journal entry and some are for today. Enjoy!

Now, another nice day in the life of us full-timers, draws gently to a close.

Life is Good!

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